Professional hygiene products and SERVICES

We have a consulting service to be able to advise on everything related to the legislation of our chemical sector. We carry out training for our distributors' salespeople and technicians. We carry out specific training on the characteristics and use of products and work systems in each sector. We advise and also set up any installation since we have a technical service so that our doses are accurate in an automated way.
Professional laundry


Our merchandise delivery service is fast and efficient.


Specialized products to keep all hospitality areas clean of grease and free of germs, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. We are aware of the importance of cleaning and disinfection. Effective and profitable products for your kitchen.


We provide powerful solutions to guarantee disinfection free of viruses and bacteria.
All of our Disinfectant Products are designed to ensure disinfection.


Products designed to keep bathrooms spotless and disinfected in both public and private establishments.

Ecolabel line

Products with European ECOLABEL label certification. Our commitment has led us to manufacture a complete ecological line, respectful of our environment. Micela we are aware that we must take care of the environment and it is in our hands to use our ECOLABEL line to live better on our planet.


We guarantee food safety with effective hygiene control thanks to specific products for all types of food industry. Micela offers a wide range of products to guarantee cleaning and disinfection in all types of facilities and areas such as utensils, equipment, vehicles, etc.


Surface cleaners. We manufacture the best and most versatile cleaners for all types of surfaces. Find the one that best suits your needs.


Learn about our concentrated formulas for exceptional performance. Products with great savings in logistics, transportation and storage costs. Less amount of plastic packaging with significant economic savings


We have products that take advantage of biotechnology to eliminate bad odors from waste. Also for the treatment of septic tanks and grease collectors. Bio Enzymatic Products.

boster automotive

Find in Micela Higiene Técnica the best professional products for washing and cleaning vehicles. We are at the forefront in vehicle washing.

Sensi cosmetics

Family of personal hygiene cosmetic products.

We also offer dosing systems to dispense gel and foam soaps.

Habitat fresheners

The habitat air fresheners are divided into two sections.

The first are ambient cologne waters with different fragrances and perfumes. The second are deodorants which act as neutralizers of the particles that cause bad odor, eliminating them to leave a pleasant aroma and a feeling of hygiene. You can discover a world of sensations for all types of environments.

Terra floors

TERRA Family you can have products for the treatment of floors and pavements also for prior preparation and for subsequent maintenance and cleaning.

We have products for all types of floors and designed for each cleaning phase. Our aromas are unmatched.

Hitec laundry

Maximum results with our professional laundry products and systems for washing your clothes. We take care of each garment, towel, sheet or tablecloth. Our high-tech formulation improves the profitability of your business as it maximizes the life of your clothes while maintaining the quality of the fabrics.

We have different washing processes and systems for your business.

Basic clean

If you are looking for essential products for daily cleaning, this is your BASIC CLEAN family of products.


We have technical support and advice for installations in dosing systems. We also provide support to automate and regulate the exact doses of our products.


Dimensions of boxes, bags and bottles per pallet

Our boxes, bags and bottles per pallet have the following measurements:

  • 1 pallet bag 10 k: 72x10 = 720 kg.
  • 1 pallet bag 20 k: 36x20 = 720 kg.
  • 1 pallet bag 25 k: 25x25 = 625 kg.
  • 1 box pallet 6x1 k: 63x6 = 378 kg.

  • 1 10 k container pallet: 40x10 = 400 kg.
  • 1 5 k bottle pallet: 128x5 = 640 kg.
  • 1 2k bottle pallet: 192x2 = 384 kg.
  • 1 28 k bottle pallet: 24x28 = 672 kg.

  • 1 12 k bottle pallet: 40x12 = 480 kg.
  • 1 pallet bottle 20 k: 24x20 =480 kg.
  • 1 22 k bottle pallet: 24x22 = 528 kg.
  • 1 24k bottle pallet: 24x24 = 576 kg.