Our company, Micela Higiene Técnica, was founded in 2010, currently we are consolidated at the national level.

Our totally professional management team with more than thirty years of experience in the sector means that we can offer excellent customer service and advice to all our distributors.

Throughout these years, and thanks to the great reception, we have had significant growth. This expansion has resulted in the acquisition of modern industrial facilities for production and storage, allowing us to expand our product line in accordance with market demands and customer needs.

We serve our customers with great efficiency and fast delivery and this translates into lower storage costs for our distributors.


Sustainability in manufacturing


Sustainability, for MICELA, is also a fundamental pillar. Our ECOLABEL line is an example.

We have the innovative capacity to develop environmentally friendly hygiene and disinfection products, minimizing their impact on the planet. Aware of the climate urgency, we have become pioneers by obtaining the European ecological certification Ecolabel.

The Ecolabel line is a solid commitment that covers a wide range of certified ecological products.

Today, we maintain the same enthusiasm and optimism that drove us from day one. Each department of our company is dedicated to offering the best with the objective of satisfying customers, who constitute one of the most valuable assets of our organization.